American Cancer Society Walk-a-thon at P.S. 232Q
All middle school students will participate this year in our annual walk-a-thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. On Friday morning, April 17, our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will walk around our school block, hopefully, for a total of 10 times. They need you and other family members and friends to sponsor them at least $1.00 for every time that they walk around our school block. All donations must be collected and submitted to their teacher by Monday, April 20th. We are walking in honor of our friends, teachers, and family members who either have cancer or who have died from this deadly disease. We also walk in honor of our beloved Sebastian Oseff, who we miss and love each and every day. Any parent who would like to join our walk is invited. We begin at 8:45 a.m. in front of the main entrance of our school!

CELL PHONE POLICY - As you may or may not be aware, the Mayor and Chancellor have changed the official policy on cell phones in schools.  As part of this new policy, the DOE has directed schools to set forth their own policy as to when and where cell phones and other personal electronic devices may or may not be used during the school day. After consultation with the School Leadership Team, the School Safety Team and the Administrative Cabinet, we have agreed upon the policy as outlined below. 

 In Effect as of Monday March 2, 2015:

Ø  Phones should not be seen or heard in school.  This includes timers, alarms and any other electronic noise.

Ø  Field trip use of electronic devices will be based on chaperone/administration discretion.

Ø  PS 232 and the DOE are not responsible for lost or damaged phones or other electronic devices. They are brought to school at the risk of the owner.

Ø  Students will not be permitted to use phones or other electronic devices during lunch, recess or when using the restrooms.

Ø  Electronic devices can be used during the school day or during after-school activities only when directly supervised by a school staff member.

 Confiscation and return of electronic devices

Ø  Students using a cell phone or other electronic device in violation of the above stipulations are subject to:

o   First Offense:  Confiscation of item and return at end of school day.

o   Second Offense:  Confiscation of item and return following parent/guardian conference to be scheduled no earlier than one week from the date of confiscation and to be held on school days between 3:00 – 3:30 p.m.

o   Third Offense:  Revocation of privilege to bring any electronic device to school for the remainder of the school year.

PARENT SURVEYS - Thank you to over 700 parents that completed their PARENT SURVEYS this school year.  Like last year, prizes were won by three of our school families, pizza parties were won by 9 classes in our school, and close to 600 students won a coupon for a "No Uniform Day"!!! Ms. DiBenedetto, our parent coordinator, worked diligently with our parent community to get those surveys done! As a result over 70% of our parent community participated and close to 600 coupons will be distributed to our students for "No Uniform Day". Thank you!

PTA Sponsored Plant Sale for Mother's Day
Wednesday, May 6th
Thursday, May 7th
Friday, May 8th

State Exams
English Language Arts - April 14th, 15th, and 16th
Math - April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th



Khaki beige or blue pants or shorts (in warmer weather)
Navy blue or light blue polo (golf) shirt (short or long-sleeved)
Comfortable shoes or sneakers (not carried by Flynn & O’Hara)


Khaki beige or blue pants, skirts, skorts, capris, shorts (in warmer weather)
Navy blue or light blue polo (golf) shirt (short or long-sleeved)
Comfortable shoes or sneakers (no flip flops)

Tuesday, April 28
Leadership Team Meeting
3:40 p.m.
Trip - United Nations
Classes 801 & 803
Thursday, April 30
3rd Grade Concert for Parents
9:00 a.m. Recorder Concert
Math Trip - 6th, 7th, and 8th graders
Chamber Theatre, Bayside
PTA Meeting 6:00 p.m.
Special Parent Presentation - NYC Dept of Emergency Preparedness
Trip - 401, 404, 405 to RCM
Trip - Bayside HS Track
Class 5-504

Today, 4/26/2015
High: 61 Low: 43
Mostly cloudy
15% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 4/27/2015
High: 62 Low: 46
Rain showers
45% chance of precipitation.